JCE Kills Housing !
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BAHN against RC
Bay Area Homeowners Network is a non-profit organization helps homeowners in San Francisco Bay Area.
EMAIL to all 5 council members now re 7/19 Tues Council Meeting
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Rally at Alameda City Hall 5/15 Monday 1 pm to 2 pm

Hi all, 3 city council members Marilyn Ashcraft, Jim Oddie & Malia Vella under renters, unions, and democratic party’s pressure, will soon take away all Property Owners’ rights to terminate without Just Cause. That means to evict a bad tenant, Owner will need to incur high legal fees & meet...Read more →

Live from SJ Rally

San Jose rally is a huge success. Please see below photos....Read more →

Peaceful RALLY against Just Cause Eviction -11:30am, Sunday April 30, 2017

Peaceful RALLY against Just Cause Eviction -11:30am, Sunday April 30, 2017 Dear fellow property owners, In the San Jose city council meeting on April 18, 2017, the council voted 6-5 to develop an ordinance that subjects ALL rental units in the city to “Just Cause Eviction” (meaning Landlords cannot evict/terminate...Read more →

San Jose Rally Protest – District 7 Tam Nguyan passed JCE

Notice:bring water, snacks, wear walking cloth & shoes, suncreen, and cap Rally routines: First routine:11:30-12:30 Start from Walmart,along Story rd,pass Mountian Lion Supermarket,12:30-12:45: get on Bus to second routine Second routine:12:45-1:30PM
 Mountian Lion Supermarket(1710 Tully Rd,San Jose, CA 95122 )along King rd,Tully Rd,until Tam Nguyen house Time:4/30 11:30-1:30PM revue: Walmart:...Read more →

Letter to Assembly members from BAHN member RE AB-1506

Hon. Assembly Member, I am writing to urge you to vote ‘No’ to AB 1506 because it will devastate housing in California.We all know in the past a couple of years job growth in Bay Area has grossly outpaced housing development. It is the housing shortage that caused the rent...Read more →

BAHN Participation against AB 1506

From 2017-03-04 Milton Marks Auditorium(455 Golden Gate Ave,San Francisco)。 AB-1506 link: against AB-1506: more →

Bad Rental Control Policy Brought Out The Devil

By BiaoGe Recently, a news hits the media and shock all of us. A landlord Mahran 51 lived at New York stabbed his tenant Khan 44 to death.  ( It is a sad story for sure. Every one of us would not like to see it happen. However, what made Mahran...Read more →

Bay area tenant and lawyer organizations

By Dan Pan Due to economic booming at bay area in recent years, the housing price has skyrocketed in bay area. The cost of living goes up dramatically and so does the cost to maintain a superior housing service for our tenants. While we have tried very hard to reduce...Read more →

SF1701: 400K settlement

SF1701: 400K settlement Time: 201503 – 201701 City: San Francisco Rental description: Early a duplex, illegal, later converted to single family by landlord Timeline: Before 2015: Tenant used room to do airbnb, tenant also used the place to do her own business. Pre 2015: Landlord removed duplex converted back to...Read more →

Writing to Editor for Milpitas’s New mayor’s Rent Control Agenda in 2017

Dear Editor, I am a Milpitas resident for more than 10 years who enjoys the coverage from Milpitas Post very much. I have some feedback on the new mayor’s rent control idea (per your article in today’s Milpitas Post). Rent control is a very bad idea. It has been proved to...Read more →