Ordinance 3148 – Effective 3/31/16


Restrictions on Rent Increases

  • There can only be one rent increase in a 12 month period
  • There is no cap on rent increases
  • Mandatory: For rent increases above 5%

Landlords must file a notice with the Program Administrator

  • Rent increases above 5% are subject to review by the Rent Review Advisory Committee.
  • If a Landlord or Tenant disagrees with the Rent Review Advisory Committee decision, and the rental unit is a multi-family rental unit built before February 1995, either party may file a petition to have the rent increase determined by a neutral hearing officer whose decision is legally binding on the parties. For all other rental units, the Rent Review Advisory Committee’s decision is non-binding.
  • For rent increases at or below 5%

Tenants may request mediation by the Rent Review Advisory Committee.  The Committee’s decision is non-binding.

Limitations on Evictions

  • For Cause Evictions
    • Evictions are permitted for certain causes, such as failure to pay rent, breach of the lease
    • No relocation fees are required for such eviction and there is no limitation on the rent for a new tenant
  • No Fault Evictions
    • Evictions are permitted for no fault of the tenant, such as an owner move-in
    • Relocation  fees are required
  • No Cause Evictions
    • Evictions are permitted
    • Relocation  fees are required and the  rent offered to the new tenant cannot be more than 5% greater than the prior tenant’s rent
    • Only a limited number of “no cause” evictions are permitted each year