bedbug1.Basic knowledge on bedbugs: Small insects can be visually see, can crawl but not fly nor jump, feed on warm blood, but not hide in body but in structure not necessary just on bedding, mostly come out at night feeding, left small dark droppings which is a sign. Summer time more infestation than winter time.

2. Must treat it as early as possible once detected, since can 2x population each 16 days, can crawl from one unit to next via joint hallway.

3. Attracting bedbugs not due to unit clean or bad sanitation, but mostly due to too clutter, too much stuffs laying around, bedbugs like to hide in there.

4. Solution: be proactive and be prepared. Respond quickly once found and resist blame game, which can cause delay of action.

5. thoroughly inspection of unit and seek professional help, obtain cooperation from tenants to unclutter and disposal of infested items and access by professionals.

6. Detail documentation of all complaints, inspection, treatment action and followup, for self protection.

7. If light infestation via visual inspection, one time treatment may be sufficient. Remember heat is deadly to bedbugs, they can not stand 122F heat, so use dryer with high heat for ten minutes for laundry, clean the carpet via commercial grade vacuum, plus spray with Cirkil or Cimishield of areas.

8. If more serious, recommend to seek professional assistance, with K9 dog nose far more sensitive than bedbugs detector, and likely 3 cycles of treatment, including whole unit fumigation, which is more costly than self treatment.

8. Lawyer suggested at least 1x inspection of unit per year, can do at same time as battery check for smoke alarm, make sure unit is not clutter with junk, and treat first, fight for damaged later since bedbugs can spread very quickly, so disposal and isolation of the infected items and units are critical.

9. Can help protecting ourselves via bedbugs addendum in the lease agreement, CAA form is pretty good with such addendum included, laying out all responsibility and obligations, and stated that unit is free of bedbugs before moving in, also units beside also has such addendum, and certification of bedbugs by K9 will be even stronger evidence on court.

10. CA has bedbugs bill AB551 in committe now, CAA and tenant advocate groups working on compromise. Make sure annual inspection to be sure unit is habitable, since tenants like to use unhabitable as excuse for not paying rent, and possibly liable to get sued for substandard housing or constructive eviction claim. If tenants refuse cooperation or treatment effort to solve bedbugs problem, landlords can send 3day notice to perform covenant or quit, and start eviction process, and possibly ask for damage compensation in future, however, it won’t happen unless one respond quickly and keep detail documents of the process.