Dear Property owners,
If you have properties in Alameda or are concerned about Alameda RC, please spend one minute to send emails to council members to urge them to have a special council meeting in Aug 2016. Here is the email sample.
Thanks a lot for your attention and participation!
Dear Council Members,
We represent a large group of Alameda voters & local property owners to urge you to hold an August special meeting for the Landlords’ Initiative. The fact that the property owners were able to collect ~ 7,500 signatures in 4 weeks time without any paid workers have sent a Strong Message & Voice to us: that ” Alameda voters are in support of putting the issue to all Voters to decide!”
If the Initiative has enough valid signatures & not being put on November, then it will certainly be put on the ballot again in 2017 or 2018 by the organization(s) who initiated/ collected the signatures.
That could result in one set of law now (the City Ordinance), then after November Election, we may have another set of law, which will then be challenged in 2017 or 2018 by voters!
In order to avoid this chaotic instability to our City, it makes sense to put both the Renters & Property Owners’ Initiatives on the same election so that all Alameda voters can consider and VOTE once for all.
Not only that it will be “most cost-effective,” it will help maintain our City’s harmony, shorten any tension & minimize any conflict among renters & owners. Since last Sept., the rent control issue has brought large confrontation among citizens, renters, owners & city council, let’s put it to a FINAL decision to be made by the Voters in November instead of dragging it on.
Finally, we are in support of your opinion & intent to keep the City Rent Program Ordinance “flexible” so that it could be considered & revised if necessary, according to actual performance and effectiveness, by the City Council in the future.
Thank you for your continued dedication & hard work for our city!
Best regards,
Your Name

The council members’ emails:
Mayor Trish Spencer:,
Vice Mayor Frank Matarrese:,
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft:,
Jim Oddie:,
Tony Daysog: