The annual CPI rate for rent increases that take effect from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 is 2.0%, and cannot take effect earlier than July 1, 2016. Tenants can only be given one increase in any 12-month period, and the rent increase cannot take effect earlier than the tenant’s anniversary date (i.e., at least one year from the tenant’s move-in date or from the last prior rent increase). In addition, California law requires that tenants be provided with written advance notice of a rent increase either 30 days (for increases 10% or less) or 60 days (for increases greater than 10%) before the effective date of the increase. In certain circumstances rent can be raised higher than the CPI increase (see Rent Adjustment Ordinance and Regulations). If a landlord has “banked” prior year increases, covered units cannot receive a CPI-based increase of more than 3X the current year CPI (see Banking in Rent Adjustment Program Regulations).

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