Measures initiated by citizens to establish rent control programs appeared headed for victory in Richmond and Mountain View but were losing in Alameda, San Mateo and Burlingame.

Citizens in the five Bay Area cities placed initiatives on the ballot to protect tenants from spiraling rents and evictions that have resulted from job growth outstripping housing creation. In Alameda and Mountain View, the city councils placed on the ballot less-stringent measures to temper rent increases. The council-sponsored measure in Alameda seemed headed for victory.

The measures, which all needed a simple majority to pass, aimed to bring urban-style rent and vacancy controls to Bay Area suburbs.

In Burlingame, Measure R appears to have lost, having garnered only 32.6 percent of the vote as of Wednesday morning. It would have limited rent increases on pre-1995 multifamily buildings to the change in the Consumer Price Index. It also would have established just-cause eviction rules for all rental properties, including single-family homes.

In San Mateo, Measure Q also seemed headed for defeat, with only 39.1 percent of the vote. Like the Burlingame measure, it generally would have limited rent hikes on pre-1995 multifamily buildings to the CPI increase. It also would have created just-cause eviction rules for all multifamily units constructed before the measure takes effect. Single-family homes and condos would have been exempt.

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