There are two measures on the 2016 ballot related to rent increases for certain residential units in the City of Mountain View. Measure V was placed on the ballot through the initiative petition process by the Mountain View Tenants Coalition. Measure W was placed on the ballot by the Mountain View City Council. Measure V was passed on 52.97% VS Measure W was failed on 48.43%. So Measure V will be effective soon.

Measure V analysis:

The main points f Measure V:

  1. Annual increase to CPI
  2. To properties prior to Feb 1, 1995;
  3. Exempt SFH, Condom, Companion units, Duplexes, certain other housing units;
  4. Just Cause Eviction: apply to all units;
  5. Can bank rent increase to 10%;
  6. Rent could be decreased if landlords fail to maintain units;
  7. When the vacancy is higher than 5%, committee can suspend the measure.