Dear Editor,

I am a Milpitas resident for more than 10 years who enjoys the coverage from Milpitas Post very much. I have some feedback on the new mayor’s rent control idea (per your article in today’s Milpitas Post).

Rent control is a very bad idea. It has been proved to be counter-productive. Most US cities have abolished rent control measures because this very reason. If we look around California cities that still have rent control (San Francisco, for example) you will find rent in those cities have skyrocketed.

Since newer, more expensive units are not subject to rent control the unfair burden is on small property owners. Due to depletion of reasonable return rent control measures force small property owners to withdraw from rent market. It caused further shortage of supplier for low income families. For RC units still on market owner will not be able to keep up with the maintenance and necessary upgrade. At the end of day, the exact low income families rent control intended to protect are the ones impacted adversely. Low income families either can’t find affordable units or living in units of deteriorating conditions.

I personally haven’t heard many stories about people are forced to move out Milpitas due to rent increase. On the contrary what I heard is that Milpitas has the better housing affordability compared to other Bay Area cities. I don’t think this is the top concern of Milpitas citizen. I don’t know why rent control become top priority of the new mayor.

I hope Miplitas Post could help voice citizen’s opinion on this matter. We need Milpitas city council to focus on the issues we care most (education, landfill dump, traffic congestion, etc.).

Anne Wang

Milpitas resident

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