SF1701: 400K settlement
Time: 201503 – 201701
City: San Francisco
Rental description: Early a duplex, illegal, later converted to single family by landlord
Before 2015: Tenant used room to do airbnb, tenant also used the place to do her own business.
Pre 2015: Landlord removed duplex converted back to single family.
March 2015: landlord hiked the rental to more than 300%, tenant posted news on social media.
After March 2015: Tenant moved out the place and coach surfing for a year, also starting to sue landlord.
Jan 2017: Case settled for 400k.
Key lawsuit finding:
  • Landlord remove duplex structure was viewed as 恶意规避RC
  • Landlord jumped the rent way high above market.
  • Tenant is allowed to do sub-lease or airbnb by law in SF.
  • Tenent is not allowed to do business in the resident house.
  • 做任何决定不要有恶意,因为恶意会影响judgement. 美国法律最后是jury trail. 所以common sense 很重要。
  • 要了解法律并在法律框架里运作。For example, if you want to take over the house using “owner move in” feature, stick to it and follow though by paying the necessary fees under 10K.
  • If you want to get to market rent, gradually increase the rent. Below market rate for $100 to $200 is a good idea.
Comments from 招霞:
我三年前对 “三倍升租、被诉40万” 的个案的分析,此文发表于星岛。告诫业主们在三藩市这个对业主极度苛刻的城市,不但法律不在我们一边,传媒恶意攻击、政客更是伺机打压的时候,千万更要保持冷静、忍耐和爱心,即使租客犯错,也不能一发不可收拾,最后哑巴吃黄莲。一定要跟随小业主协会学懂法律的底线,一定要跟随住房政策改良会掌握温慍、保持善意、一定要找及格的律师(不是便宜的律师)去拟定情况,才可以行动,否则伤害的不止是您自己,更是整个业主阶层。请在任何情况下保持善意。