Hi all,

3 city council members Marilyn Ashcraft, Jim Oddie & Malia Vella under renters, unions, and democratic party’s pressure, will soon take away all Property Owners’ rights to terminate without Just Cause.

That means to evict a bad tenant, Owner will need to incur high legal fees & meet the high legal burden in the pro-tenant courts.

And if Owner loses the case in court, will face Wrongful Eviction lawsuit.

Pls join us :

Rally at Alameda City Hall
5/15 Monday 1 pm to 2 pm

STOP the City Council from overturning our votes !!!

Support current fair rent control ordinance 3148 !!!

NO removal of “No Cause Termination of Tenancy with Bad Tenants” !!!

We will provide picket signs & T-shirts.

Pls bring hat & water!