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From 2017-03-04 美国华人之声 美国华人之声 加州人民共和国又出幺蛾子了! 民主党州众议员布鲁姆(Richard Bloom)、邱信福、邦塔(Rob Bonta)等人在今年的2月17日提出了 AB 1506 法案,企图推翻地方租金管制约束(Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act),进一步加强租金管制。 Costa-Hawkins Act 包括三大元素: 1)租客一旦离开,容许房东以按市场价设定租金 2)某些类型的房子不受租金管制,如独立屋,Condo等 3)1995年2月后建的房子不受租金管制   而AB1506则是将此法案废除,无论是独立屋、新建案,或是换新房客,都可以被租金管制法令约束。类似的法案 AB1229 曾经在2013年被州议会投票通过, 但是被州长Jerry Brown否决。 然而他的任期将满,所以众议员布鲁姆又提出了新的换汤不换药的AB1506。而且,如果此法案得到超多数的赞成票, 连州长也不能否决了。 租控长远会带给租房市场不健康的影响。租管只会造成一房难求,房东宁愿空置房产也不想低价出租。繁重的维修费,地税,保险和杂费只会加重房东的负担,房东收支不平衡,令到房屋缺少维护的资金。降低买房出租的意愿,发展商也不盖房,更没有人会去投资买房来出租。最后的结果就是租客找不到合适的房子可以住。 加州目前就已经是处于房屋短缺的状态,虽然AB1506的出发点是要解决住房问题,但历史上租金管制从来没有真正达成目的。这已经在多个实行严格租管的城市被证明了。AB1506提案就是杀鸡取卵,饮鸩止渴! 他们如果房子都木有了,价格再便宜,哪怕是免费的,又有何用?!   湾区屋主联盟以及多位来自不同团体的华裔借各个机会表达反对立场,呼吁“以后房屋自由的市场没有了,也等于给屋主判了无期徒刑。” 联盟与反对法案的热心人士参加了3月3日(周五)上午11时的会议,并且向几位法案议员当面表达意见,地点:Milton Marks Auditorium(455 Golden Gate Ave,San Francisco)。   排队发言的,主要是地主。   三藩市的人民真的好厉害:字字见血,针针刺进邱信福的心房。被地主骂了一通,他狡辩说“this is not my bill, it’s by Bloom…....Read more →

Bad Rental Control Policy Brought Out The Devil

By BiaoGe Recently, a news hits the media and shock all of us. A landlord Mahran 51 lived at New York stabbed his tenant Khan 44 to death.  ( It is a sad story for sure. Every one of us would not like to see it happen. However, what made Mahran...Read more →

Bay area tenant and lawyer organizations

By Dan Pan Due to economic booming at bay area in recent years, the housing price has skyrocketed in bay area. The cost of living goes up dramatically and so does the cost to maintain a superior housing service for our tenants. While we have tried very hard to reduce...Read more →

SF1701: 400K settlement

SF1701: 400K settlement Time: 201503 – 201701 City: San Francisco Rental description: Early a duplex, illegal, later converted to single family by landlord Timeline: Before 2015: Tenant used room to do airbnb, tenant also used the place to do her own business. Pre 2015: Landlord removed duplex converted back to...Read more →

Writing to Editor for Milpitas’s New mayor’s Rent Control Agenda in 2017

Dear Editor, I am a Milpitas resident for more than 10 years who enjoys the coverage from Milpitas Post very much. I have some feedback on the new mayor’s rent control idea (per your article in today’s Milpitas Post). Rent control is a very bad idea. It has been proved to...Read more →

Mountain View Passed RC Measure V from Tenant Coalition

There are two measures on the 2016 ballot related to rent increases for certain residential units in the City of Mountain View. Measure V was placed on the ballot through the initiative petition process by the Mountain View Tenants Coalition. Measure W was placed on the ballot by the Mountain...Read more →

Bay Area rent control measures getting mixed results on Nov 8 Election

Measures initiated by citizens to establish rent control programs appeared headed for victory in Richmond and Mountain View but were losing in Alameda, San Mateo and Burlingame. Citizens in the five Bay Area cities placed initiatives on the ballot to protect tenants from spiraling rents and evictions that have resulted...Read more →

11-06-2016 BAHN Weekly Update

??????????11-06-2016 Weekly Update ?1. 各Cities RC进展 A) Union City的Rent & Tenant Taskforce Meeting(3) 7:00PM Monday 11/7/16 33997 Alvarado-Niles Road Union City, CA 94587 这次会议会投票,做出租控条列的选择。 B) 各选票已陆续收到,请大家投下宝贵的一票,这是投票指南 B)San Jose Meeting急召: 11/07;11/14;11/16 三次community input, 事关San Jose Rent Control Ordinance 的具体细则,尤其是registrations, Ellis Act, 大小地主们一定要尽量争取哦! ?2. BAHN网站已于11/1/16正式上线跟广大群友见面(。网站内容环绕湾区各地的Rent Control动态,会议时间表,contractor推荐list,BAHN活动及细节等内容,希望大家给予我们意见并积极在网站参与讨论。 ?3. BAHN组织注册进展:BAHN已注册501(c)(3), 正在进行tax exemption的申请!到时候向大家汇报! 捐款请寄:Payable to:...Read more →

Burlingame rent control moves to November ballot: Council unanimously approves measure

Burlingame residents will decide whether to establish rent control and other tenant protections on the upcoming November ballot, under a decision by the City Council. For more information about the ballot, please click here!...Read more →

Have to file “fair return petition” if you want to increase 5% more

Messages from San Jose Housing Department: September 2, 2016 Dear Partners: Thank you for your engagement and interest in the Apartment Rent Ordinance (ARO) process as we continue to implement the City Council’s directed changes to the ARO. This email contains important information on steps that have been taken to...Read more →