“Tenant from Hell” Loses Defamation Lawsuit Against NBCBayArea

Do you remember the infamous tenant Baiting Jiang? NBC Bay Area produced a three-part documentary on how she bullied landlord and family out of their home.

BAHN helped the landlord contact the government and the media, accompanied them to many interviews and court appearances, and finally took the house back.

But this time Jiang “kicked the iron plate,” said BAHN president, Jenny Zhao, who helped with the NBC coverage. “NBC is not easy to mess with, they have plenty of money to fight her to the end! Two days ago, the court ruled, dismissing the case and ordering Jiang to compensate NBC lawyer fees close to $20,000.”

“Landlords must be brave;” said Zhao, “most landlords do not want to be interviewed and do not wish to disclose their names and addresses, in which case there is very little we can do to help.”

We would like to thank the landlord for her bravery, NBC’s in-depth coverage, to change the public’s negative perception of small landlords. NBC’s website and YouTube postings of hundreds of thousands of views and comments completely surpass BAHN’s ability to promote. Candice’s NBC Investigate Unit is now working on a new series, “The Plight of Small Landlords in California.” BAHN is helping them find people for interviews.