Help Fix Proposition 19 – Sign the Petition Today!

California Needs Your Support Before January 30, 2024

The initiative to amend Proposition 19 is gaining momentum, and we need your signature to bring this important issue to the ballot. Proposition 19 has significantly impacted property tax rules for family transfers in California, and it’s time to make a change. We have established several convenient locations throughout California for you to sign the petition. Please visit any of the following locations before January 30, 2024:

San Francisco:

  • Address: 645 Taraval Street, San Francisco
  • Details: Help us fix Prop 19 by signing the petition at this central location.

East Bay, Oakland:

  • Primary Location: 388-9th Street, Suite 125, Oakland
  • Alternate Location: NY Life next door (Ask for Linda if no one is at the primary location)


  • New Location: Sharp Park, 2421 Palmetto Ave, Pacifica, CA

Greater Sacramento Area:

  • Address: 1201 K Street, Suite 1030, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Details: Sacramento residents, your participation is crucial. Visit us to sign the petition.

Southern California, Paramount:

  • Address: Schroeder Pianos, 13119 Downey Ave, Paramount, CA 90723
  • Details: Southern California residents, make your voice heard by signing at this location.

Los Angeles City:

  • Address: Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, 621 Westmoorland Ave #100, Los Angeles, CA 90005
  • Details: Los Angeles, we need your support to fix Prop 19. Visit us to sign the petition.

How You Can Make a Difference:

  • Visit a Location: Your signature is powerful. Stop by any of these locations to sign the petition.
  • Spread the Word: Share this update with friends, family, and community members.
  • Stay Informed: For more information, visit

Together, We Can Protect California’s Future This is more than just a petition; it’s a movement to safeguard our families’ futures and keep housing affordable. Stand with us to amend Proposition 19 and protect Californians for generations to come.