Defeat the “Justice for Renters Act”

California voters will decide this November whether to expand local rent control and eliminate long-standing landlord protections.

The “Justice for Renters Act”

The “Justice for Renters Act,” has qualified for the November 2024 General Election Ballot. If approved by California voters, the ballot initiative would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995 and open the door for local jurisdictions to impose their own expanded forms of residential rent control. This could include rent control on new multifamily construction, multifamily housing built after 1995, and single family homes and condominiums. It could also result in the imposition of “vacancy control” which would allow cities and counties to dictate how much rent could be charged when a vacant unit is rented.

The “Justice for Renters Act” ballot initiative, like Proposition 10 (2018) and Proposition 21 (2020) before it, is funded by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and its founder and president Michael Weinstein. You can read more about them below.

How You Can Help

If you value your rental property investment, and you wish to preserve your rights as a property and business owner, then you need to make a contribution to help the statewide opposition campaign defeat the “Justice for Renters Act.”

We are encouraging all AAOC members to contribute directly to AAOC’s Multi-County Property Rights PAC, which is working with and supporting the opposition campaign. Your contribution will be critical in defeating the initiative.

The stakes have never been higher for the rental-housing industry. We encourage you to donate generously based on what you stand to lose if the initiative were to pass, your rent increases were limited to below CPI, and other draconian measures were adopted that would further cripple your business operations. Just look at what has happened in Santa Ana since the city adopted rent control in 2021.

A contribution of $500 + $50 per unit is recommended – and more if you believe strongly enough in the need to defeat this ballot initiative.

About Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation

That is EXACTLY what Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) are attempting to do to YOU and the multifamily industry. This election year, he calls it… “The Justice for Renters Act.”

Justice… justice for renters would be Mr. Weinstein investing that $60 million plus into improving the dilapidated housing that he provides. Instead, he’s chosen to attack the multifamily industry in three general elections.

  • In 2018, he spent $24 million on Proposition 10 – his first attempt to regulate the multifamily Industry via ballot initiative.
    • Proposition 10 failed with 60% of Californians saying “no” to his scheme.
  • In 2020, he came back and spent $40 million on Proposition 21 – his second attempt at your business.
    • Proposition 21 failed with 59% of Californians rejecting his ploys.
  • In 2024, having had three years to rebuild his campaign war chest, Michael Weinstein is back again.
    • Can we count on you to step up and help us defeat Michael Weinstein for a third time?

For more information, contact AAOC Vice President of External Affairs Chip Ahlswede at 714.245.9500 or